Dr Seuss in Italian: Prosciutto e uova verdi - Green eggs and ham (Italian)

Dr Seuss in Italian: Prosciutto e uova verdi - Green eggs and ham (Italian)





by dr Seuss

Nando detto Ferdi non vuole assaggiare il prosciutto e uova verdi, ma dopo l`insistenza del suo amico scopre di andarne matto. There are two main characters: the first is unnamed, the second is named Sam-I-Am, or simply Sam. Throughout the book, Sam constantly badgers the first unnamed character to try green eggs and ham. The unnamed character refuses to taste the dish, insisting that he would not like it. Sam then goes through an assortment of locations (house, car, tree, train, box, boat) and dining partners (fox, goat, mouse) trying to persuade the unnamed character to eat.

The conclusion of the tale occurs when the unnamed character, standing in shallow water after a boat sinks, surrounded by various people and beasts, finally agrees to try the green eggs and ham and upon such must admit that it is actually delicious. Although the character is somewhat ashamed at having been reluctant to try the eggs and ham before, with the realization that they are indeed scrumptious, he quickly apologizes for having been so rude to Sam earlier by stating all of the places and ways that he would eat green eggs and ham.

Ages 4-10; 64 Pages; Hardback


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