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Il Piccolo bruco Maisazio - The very hungry caterpillar (Italian)

Il Piccolo bruco Maisazio - The very hungry caterpillar (Italian)

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by Eric Carle
More than 12 million copies of this book have been sold in its original, full-sized edition, and the beloved tale of science and gluttony has been translated into 20 languages. This five-by-four-inch miniature edition is truly tiny, with tiny type, but it is a nice size for small hands to hold and flip through the pictures. Despite its diminished state, the book is complete in every detail, following the ravenous caterpillar's path as he eats his way through one apple (and the pages of the book itself) on Monday, two pears on Tuesday, three plums on Wednesday, and so on, through cherry pie and sausage--until he is really fat and has a stomachache. And no doubt you know what happens next! Kids love butterfly metamorphosis stories, and this popular favorite teaches counting and the days of the week, too.
Tutti i bruchi diventeranno farfalle, ma come fanno? Per imparare uno dei misteri della natura, per crescere insieme a un simpatico bruco che non smette mai di mangiare, per diventare farfalle e spiccare il volo, tra fantasia e realta. Una prima lettura formata da pagine ora tagliate, ora bucate o sagomate, in versione cartonata.
Ages 1-6; 12 Pages; Hardcover

Tags: 6 Ages 1 - 4 , Ages 5 - 8 , Books , Eric Carle , Italian , languages , Translation from English

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