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WARNING: Before ordering a DVD, please make sure that the specification of this DVD is compatible with the "format" and "region" of your DVD. The majority of the DVD's sold by our online store are compatible with DVD players sold in the US (Format NTSC, Region 1). However, many of the DVDs sourced in foreign countries (like Italy, Germany, Russia, Poland, etc - are compatible with Format PAL, region 2) and WILL NOT PLAY ON A REGULAR US DVD PLAYER. This means you will need a" multi-region" or "region free" PAL DVD player in order to play the DVD.
If your DVD player can read PAL, then you may be able to convert your existing DVD player to region free. We suggest you search for to see if your DVD player could be modified. Also, call or email the manufacturer of your DVD player and if your machine has the ability to play PAL, they will probably teach you how to decode it. For more information on how regions work, visit and

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