Gadkeey ootenok - The ugky duckling (Russian)

Gadkeey ootenok - The ugky duckling (Russian)




Christain Anderson's fairy tale retold in Russian, adapted for beggining readers. A beloved story around the world about personal transformation for the better.

The tale is about mother duck and eggs hatch. One of the hatched little birds is perceived by the duck’s neighbors as ugly and suffers much verbal and physical abuse at the duck's neighborhood. The ugly dick wanders sadly from the barnyard and lives with wild ducks and geese. He then finds a home with an old woman but her cat and hen tease him mercilessly and again he sets off on his own. Winter arrives. A farmer finds and carries the freezing little bird home, but the little bird is frightened by the farmer’s noisy children and flees the house. He spends a miserable winter alone in the outdoors but, when spring arrives, he is welcomed into a flock of beautiful swans for he has matured into one of them.

A beautifully illustrated picture book to be enjoyed by small children and first readers.

Ages 4-8; Pages 12; Bordbook


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