Floppy in the dark (Portuguese-English)

Floppy in the dark (Portuguese-English)





The summer is so hot that the sweet carrot ices melt before the first lick. There's no better time to sleep in a tent. Floppy is prepared for the night ahead: he has a supply of carrots, his hero's cape and his torch. But when Floppy is left in the dark everything becomes scarier, will he last a whole night outside?
A good read for anyone who remembers their first night under canvas, this charming story deals with the most common of childhood fears: being scared of the dark. Guido Van Genechten's vivid illustrations and lovable characters make 'Floppy in the Dark' a perfect dual language story for easing anxiety and rationalising fears with young children.
This enchanting story deals with the fear of the dark that every child knows, with warmth and humor.

Award winning artist Guido Van Genechten vividly captures the excitement of summer nights under canvas.

Ages 1-5;24 Pages;  Paperback 



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