My Arabic Words Book (Arabic-English)

My Arabic Words Book (Arabic-English)





by Juma Siddiqa
My Arabic Words Book presents each letter of the 28-character alphabet along with a vocabulary word, in both Arabic and English, on each page, making it the perfect introduction to the language. Delightful illustrations bring the vocabulary words to life, and there is a pronunciation guide to help with special characters.A lovely introduction to the Arabic alphabet; Children will learn the Arabic letters in both Arabic and printed in transliterated in English to help with pronunciation. Great for non-Arabic speaking adults where can read to their children. A fully illustrated and visually attractive book for Arabic which is considered one of the ancient Semitic languages, including Hebrew and Aramaic, and spoken by roughly 200 million people in a variety of dialects. It is most prominent in the world of Islam, however, whose main texts, like the Qur’an, are written in Arabic. 
Ages  4 - 10; 28 pages; Hardcover


$ 15.95