The Golden Sandal - A middle eastern Cinderella story  (English)

The Golden Sandal - A middle eastern Cinderella story (English)





by Rebecca Hickox (Author); Will Hillenbrand (Illustration)

What do you get when you take Cinderella's glass slipper and transport it to the Middle East? The Golden Sandal! Rebecca Hickox's delightful retelling of an Iraqi folktale "The Little Red Fish and the Clog of Gold" has all the makings of any good Cinderella story--the mean stepmother, the young oppressed girl, a big shindig, a kind, magical creature who helps the girl dress up for the event, an enamored young man, a lost-and-found shoe, and the promise of a happy ending. However, with the Arabian twist, the girl's name is Maha, the benevolent creature is a fish, the shindig is a "grand henna," and the shoe that ultimately saves Maha from a cruel fate is none other than a golden sandal.

Noteworthy are the different proverbs, or sayings sprinkled throughout the story:
"Allah says a kindness never goes  unrewarded"
"They say water will wear away stone. In the end the fisherman married the widow"
"Oh Allah Whom we praise, how much this lady resembles my husband's daughter! But then, don't they say: Every seven men were made from one clod of clay!"

Ages 5 and up; 32 Pages; Hardcover


$ 12.95