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The Gift of Language

Many of our children’s earliest and most cherished memories begin with storytime. Whether it is a nightly tradition or a daily activity, reading gives our children the chance to explore the world through language. French or Italian baby books are perfect for giving your children the gift of language at a very early age. Whichever language you speak or would like to learn can be a shared experience that can transform the way you know and understand the world – together! Bilingual books for kids can be the basis for future language learning. Children immersed or at least taught language...

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Why the Best Place to Begin a New Language is At Home

Learning a new language can be challenging. As adults, we want to compare or recognize meaning based on the words we already know, but this can lead us in the wrong direction. Children are best able to grasp language because they approach it with new eyes, focusing on basic sounds and letters instead. Bilingual books for kids allow your children to learn a new language through familiar stories and an immersive approach. Simply having bilingual books available at home allows your child to learn at his or her own pace in an environment that is safe and comfortable. As new...

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Raising Your Children in a Bilingual World

The population of multiethnic families is the United States is increasing each year. We are also connecting with people all over the world through social media and other digital platforms. Each generation has a responsibility to teach their children how to relate to one another and excel in life. Bilingual books for kids can change the lives of future generations by giving children an early start on learning and understanding different languages and cultures, increasing their potential in many aspects of life. Books are available for every age and stage of development in many languages including Italian, German, Russian, French...

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An International Twist on Childhood Classics

Hearing your children read is a joy every parent cherishes, as each new word brings delight to their eyes. Imagine experiencing this feeling all over again as they learn a new language. Bilingual books for kids offer something special to our children - a greater ability to understand each other, in a world that desperately needs to unite. Each precious word that is learned bridges the gap between future generations. Children’s brains are malleable. Like little sponges, they have the ability to better learn and understand foreign languages. Language is an irreplaceable gift to our little ones. Being bilingual is...

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