Why Learning Spanish Is The Best Move You’ll Ever Make

There’s no doubt that learning a second language can be a valuable asset in life. One of our top recommendations? Why, Spanish, of course! Read on to see why learning Spanish is one of the best moves you’ll ever make for you and/or your child.

A Common Link To English

One of the best things about learning Spanish is that it has a lot in common with English. This similarity makes it much easier to understand and use it. While there are certainly differences, such as gendered nouns/verbs, accented letters, and rolling r’s, English and Spanish have similar roots in latin. As such, this makes learning things such as vocabulary easier.

Community Relations

Spanish is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the United States. And in many areas, it represents the dominant communities. In fact, in states such as Texas, Florida, Arizona, and California, it’s almost a disadvantage to not know Spanish because of the strong cultural presence there. And in the medical, social working, and legal industries, knowing Spanish is an extremely valuable skill, regardless of which part of the country you live in.

Cultural Exposure

Perhaps one of the best reasons to learn Spanish is discovering a whole new culture, full of history, vibrancy, and amazing cuisine. Through language, you can gain a much more in-depth appreciation for this culture that you may miss out on otherwise. 

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