Expand Your Brain- The Lasting Benefits of Learning a Second Language

expand your brain

You probably know about some of the benefits of learning a second language. It's a wise idea to start teaching your kids a second language now. For one, it's easier and simpler when they're younger. But it also means they’ll reap the benefits for decades to come. Also, it’s just a fun skill to have. Even if you’re not technically a child, learning a language is never a bad idea. Having a kid that can read Dr. Seuss in Italian (or being able to do it yourself)... what’s cooler than that?

Improved Memory

It turns out being bilingual doesn’t only help with brain functioning in the present day. According to the American Academy of Neurology, knowing multiple languages can lead to a delayed onset of dementia. It turns out that there isn’t a specific part of your brain involved in language skill developments. It involves a network between both sides of your mind. What all of this means: picking up another language while you’re young can result in a higher quality of life long-term.

Better Focus and Creativity

You don’t have to wait decades to experience the advantages of knowing more than one language. Your child, or you, can have better focus now. That’s because the brain is plastic— it’s able to stretch and change depending on your behavior and other factors. Beyond that, you may have a better sense of creativity. That’s because learning multiple languages opens your mind to more possibilities. So, being fluent in another language could make you or your child a better artist or leader.

Now you know some of the lasting benefits of learning a second language. All you have to do now is figure out which language they should learn. International Children’s Books has got you covered no matter your or your child’s age or language needs!

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