Methods For Learning a Second Language

learning a second language

It might seem like learning a second language comes with many hurdles. But there are so many methods, tips, and tricks to make it more fun than tiresome. You can customize the way you learn to best suit your age, schedule, interests, and skill level. Check out these techniques to start on your path to being fluent in multiple languages.


This is probably one of that comes to mind when you know you need to study. That’s because flashcards are a reliable, simple way to memorize almost anything. Go with classic handmade paper flashcards, or check out Quizlet to make handy digital ones.


Have you ever heard of gesturing as a way to learn? It turns out learning with multiple senses is an excellent way to better remember vocabulary. So, if flashcards aren’t your thing, try creating movements or gestures to uncover your memorization potential.

Talk to a native speaker

Depending on where you live and the language you’re learning, finding someone who’s well-versed in the language may be difficult. But it’s so worth it! There is no better way to immerse yourself in a language and culture than to talk in real time with a native speaker. This allows a unique interactive experience- you can hear their accent and intonation, and they may be able to give you feedback on yours. 

Consume media

Watching television in another language is a fun way to pick up the languages and hear native speakers converse. Plus, you’ll be exposed to some of their cultural differences. You can even find videos of native speakers on Youtube.

Another great way to learn another language is through books. International Children’s Books has hundreds of books available in several skill levels. You don’t have to be a kid to read them either! See our selection to find a book that sparks your interest today.

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