Best Second Languages For Native English Speakers

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There are a number of benefits to bilingualism in today’s world. But if you or your child have decided to take on this challenge, it may be hard to know which language you would have the greatest success in. As such, here are our top suggestions for the best second languages for native English speakers!

Spanish: A Great Go-To Option

You guessed it. Spanish is one of the top language experts recommend for native-English speakers to try and learn first. First, as a romance language, Spanish shares a common ancestry in sentence structure, vocabulary, and cultural context as English. This makes the transition of language learning much easier to accommodate. Additionally, there are massive Spanish-speaking communities within the United States and it is a highly-demanded language in industries such as the medical field and business.

French or German: Fun Second Languages For Native English Speakers

If Spanish isn’t up your alley, French or German are also great alternatives. Like Spanish, they share some similarities with English that make them easier to learn. However, there are still enough linguistic differences that make them a fun challenge to tackle. Additionally, both French and German offer a wealth of culture and history that can definitely enrich you or your child’s language learning experience.

Want A True Challenge? Try Chinese or Korean

If you’re looking for a true language learning challenge, Chinese or Korean are the languages to try. Each offer not only a completely different language structure but also have entirely different histories and cultures that change the context in which foreign language learners understand and communicate. Plus, like Spanish, both Chinese and Korean are in high demand in the international business sectors.

Regardless of what language path you choose, we offer a wide selection of international children’s books that can act as a valuable resource for either you or your child. Visit us online today to explore our titles!

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