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Korney Chukovsky: Skazok malysham -Kids' tales by K. Chukovsky  (Russian)

Korney Chukovsky: Skazok malysham -Kids' tales by K. Chukovsky (Russian)

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by Korney Chukhovsky
This a collection of very popular poems for young children from one of the most famous authors of Russian children's literature. The book has beautiful, colorful, large illustrations. 
A famous Russian pedagogue once said that “A well-told tale is already the beginning of child’s cultural education." Chukovsky’s tales are written in a way that make it easy for young readers to understand them, and even more exciting - to follow the story.  He writes for children at their level, and not at the level of learned educators. In addition, the tales give children a new kind of moral. Unlike the fairy stories Chukovsky’s stories do not convey the moral bluntly, but produce it obliquely, through the plot line. In Chukovsky’s “Crocodile” such lessons range from small ones, such as disapproval of inappropriate behavior, to larger ones, such as forgiveness and peace. In “??idodyr” the dirty child not only learns hygiene and proper behavior, but also learns to admit fault (for not washing) and take  responsibility (to wash himself). The simple and punctuated structure of the poems makes these larger lessons easier to grasp and remember by the very young reader.   
The images and plots teach and encourage children  to experience a range of emotions: from sadness for the oppressed animals, to joy when 
the tyrant is removed and peace restored.  Chukovsky believed that, “The goal of a fairy tale writer consists of the necessity, at whatever price, to teach a child humanity: this marvelous capability of a human being to worry about others’ misfortunes, to celebrate the happiness of others, to identify with others’ lives as their own.”. 
Ages 2-8; Hardcover

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