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Ruskaya Azbuka  - Russian ABC book (Russian)

Ruskaya Azbuka - Russian ABC book (Russian)

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by Goretzkiy, Bieriestov and Kiryushkin
A textbook for 1st grade.  A Colorful alphabet book with text and pictures. Great for children, as well as adults, who are trying to learn Russian.
Azbuka” as a set of educational books. Its goal was to introduce preschoolers and young schoolchildren to the basics on such subjects as nature, society; to develop kids writing, reading, calculating abilities and skills. “Azbuka” has became a sort of encyclopedia linked to the world of kids’ imagination, created by the writer.

Ages 4 and up; 238 Pages; Hardcover

Tags: 4 Ages 1 - 4 , Ages 5 - 8 , Ages 9 - 12 , Books , Russian

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