Priklucheniya Toma Soyera - Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Russian)

Priklucheniya Toma Soyera - Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Russian)




by Mark Twain
Mark Twain's famous novel about the adventures of a resourceful, mischievous boy is the golden fund of world children's literature. The book was published in the classic translation by K. Chukovsky with illustrations by G. Mazurin. For two centuries, children have admired the antics of Tom Sawyer, his ingenuity, enterprise, and generosity. He can run away from home, play mischief all day long, and turn punishment into an exciting game. The story will appeal to every adventure lover. Tom Sawyer is an example of how to make friends, fall in love, and solve difficulties. The book will help develop erudition, imagination and instill a love of literature.
Ages 8 and up; 288 Pages; Hardcover (12.7 x 19.5 cm)


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