My First Picture Book: English-Arabic (Arabic-English)

My First Picture Book: English-Arabic (Arabic-English)





by Dareija Daba Editions
More than 250 useful words classified by theme (sport, fruit and vegetables, home, school...). Glossy cover and quality printing. 
Beautiful colorful illustrations that make it easy to memorize the vocabulary of everyday life in a playful way. Your child will find little memory exercises to learn while having fun.
Translation into English and Arabic, the romanization of the letters will facilitate the pronunciation of beginners. 
"We love this dictionary. It offers a visual and transliteration in English letters of the Arabic word to help beginners who are still learning the pronunciation of Arabic letters learn new words without discouragement. Love it!"
Ages 2-6; 40 Pages; Paperback (8.5 x 0.1 x 8.5 inch)


$ 18.95