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Haschen geht einkaufen (German)

Haschen geht einkaufen (German)

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by Wolfgang Bushman (Author); Volker Pfuller (Illustration)
The mother bunny requires quite a lot from Bunny: It is to greet well-behaved while shopping, do not be distracted, looking at the road, not their nose ... Bunny tries hard and remembers everything: It greets, can not be distracted, pay attention to the road, not picking her nose ... and forget about it completely, what should buy it. A picture book about the little quirks of the Brav One - charming and witty illustrated by the famous Berlin artist Volker Pfüller.

Ages 2 and up; 12 pages; Board Book

Tags: 6 Ages 1 - 4 , Ages 5 - 8 , Ages 9 - 12 , Boardbook , Books , German , languages

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