Good night, Panda (Japanese-English)

Good night, Panda (Japanese-English)





by Babi Books

"Panda, it’s time to get ready for bed!” It’s bedtime for the zoo animals, but Panda doesn’t want to go to bed! He decides to hide among the other black and white animals at the zoo. Join Panda on his nighttime adventure as he swims with his friend Orca, has a snack with the Zebras, and waddles around with the Penguins, before realizing that the best place to be is home!

As your children follow Panda around the zoo, they will discover different animals and their habitats, all while learning a new language!

Babl Books partners with award winning authors to bring your favorite books to a variety of new languages for children all over the world to enjoy. 

Ages 2-5; 25 Pages; Paperback (8.5 x 0.07 x 11 inch)



$ 16.45