Barmaley (Russian)

Barmaley (Russian)




by Korney Chukovsky
Barmaley the pirate is the antagonist of Doctor Aibolit (in various translations of into English known as Doctor Powderpill, Doctor Ouch, and Doctor Concocter). Barmaley is said to be fond of little children – for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – so small kids are not advised to go for a walk to Africa where Barmaley supposedly lives. 
In spite of the warning, a boy and a girl go to Africa and are taken captive by Barmaley, but manage to break out and fight him off, with the help of animals whom Doctor Aibolit cures there. Barmaley expresses regret for his bad behaviour and promises to be good in the future.
Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky (1882-1969) was one of the most popular children's poets in the Russian language. His poems, "Doctor Aybolit", The Giant RoachThe Crocodile, and Wash'em'clean have been favorites with many generations of Russian children. 
Though writen in 1925-6 these books are  still considered masterpieces of children’s literature and published to this day. In his tales Chukovsky appealed to the way children perceive the world and their native language (which can be seen from Chukovsly's books titles).

Ages 1-6; 16 pages; Hardcover


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