Why Learn Arabic? Top 3 Reasons You Should Know Arabic


Who should learn Arabic? The short answer is - everyone has something to gain from knowing this amazing, rich language. In the United States, people often think of learning Spanish, German or French as second languages. Here are a few reasons you should add Arabic to the top of your list.

First thing’s first, how do you pronounce the word ‘Arabic’? You may have heard the word said differently depending on who you’re speaking with. Here is the correct phonetic pronunciation: “eh-ruh-buhk.” If that doesn’t clear it up, check out this short pronunciation video.

Useful for Business/International Affairs

Are you or your child interested in working in business? If so, Arabic is the perfect second language for you. Many countries where Arabic is the primary language are frequent spots for business affairs. Morocco, Egypt and Lebanon are just a few countries that you may have to visit if you plan on working as an ambassador in global/political affairs.

Travel to amazing places

Over 270 million speak Arabic worldwide, and there are many different dialects. People speak the language throughout the globe. But, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Arabian Peninsula are the top areas. If you’d like to travel somewhere where Arabic is the primary language, you might visit Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates.

Exposure to a new culture

Arab culture is rich, going back to the Middle Ages. Arabic has made important additions to European culture, especially in languages, math and medical sciences. Also, Arabic cuisine is delicious - made with many flavorful spices. Some Arabic food you may be familiar with already: tahini, khubz (flatbread), and Arabic coffee.

Not only will you learn more about Arab culture, but you’ll probably learn about the religion of Islam. Did you know that Islam is actually the fastest-growing religion in the world? So, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding someone to practice with!

Everyone has to start somewhere. Check out our variety of beautiful children’s books to get started and learn the awesome Arabic language.

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