Dancing Into a New World: Using Movement to Learn

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Who would have thought dancing could be the key to learn a new language?

Music is known as the "universal language." Well, the same can be said about music’s sibling — dancing! Who doesn’t love breaking out in a silly dance after a long day? Many don’t know that dancing can actually be a vehicle for learning a new language! It’s true, learning doesn’t have to be boring.

The secret is having fun

One of the biggest obstacles when learning a new language is simply remembering key words and phrases. That’s where the magic of dance comes in.

Say goodbye to boring flashcards and repeating words of the past. People learn what they remember, after all. And what is more enjoyable than dancing to catchy tunes?

It might not be the most mainstream way to learn, but it’s certainly one of the funnest! It turns out using two senses or more is the ideal way to remember and grasp new information. So whether you’re using sight, taste, smell, hearing or touch, using a combination of any of these is a key way to absorb new information.

Deeper learning and better memory

Dancing is an awesome supplemental tool when trying to immerse yourself in a new language. It turns out, it movement actually helps new information stick to your memory. That's because dance is a physical activity; it actually lights up parts of your brain that won’t light up if you’re sitting and learning in static mode!

Research has shown that exercise greatly improves the activity in the hippocampus - which means that long term memory is boosted! So, you're much more likely to actually remember and use the new words you've learned.

Dancing into learning

By using dance to learn a language, you won’t become an instant expert. However, using movement will definitely make it more likely that you’ll actually remember new words, and you'll have a blast along the way.

What's next? If you want to learn through dancing, great music is the first step. Check out these awesome CDs in French, Spanish, Polish and more! Let's get to jamming!

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