The Importance of Learning Styles When Teaching A Second Language

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When teaching a second language to your children, it can be easy to fall into the same habits of instruction. However, an important aspect of second language learning is discovering your child’s learning style. Consider these elements to help enhance your child’s understanding. 

Global vs. Analytic Learners

One aspect to keep in mind is whether your child is a global or analytic learner. Do they struggle with memorizing vocabulary? Are they frustrated with grammar rules? Global learners prefer to hear a story or experience multiple parts at one time. They also enjoy working in groups. Analytic learners, however, thrive on concrete details and tend to focus their attention to one element at a time. 

Auditory, Visual, and Interactive Learning

Students also have a preference for how they absorb language. If your child is an auditory learner, they may like listening to music or watching a movie. Visual learners may enjoy picture books or reading in a foreign language. Interactive students do best in conversation or playing games. 

Regardless of their learning style, our collection of books, music, and movies will help your child to make the most of their second language learning experience. Visit our website and see what’s in store for them!

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