Fun Facts About the Russian Language

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Have you been interested in learning to speak the Russian language? Not only is the Russian language the most spoken Slavic language with over 258 million speakers, but it’s also one of the most unique languages in the world! Check out 5 fun facts about Russian that may surprise you here: 

Astronauts are required to learn Russian! Russia has such a large presence within space technology, it’s now mandated that foreign astronauts must have a working knowledge of Russian. So make sure to practice learning Russian if you plan on going to space! 

Most adjectives have multiple syllables. A unique characteristic of this language is that the majority of Russian words only have one syllable while almost all adjectives have at least two syllables!

It’s the most common language in Eurasia. Russian is the eight most-spoken language across the world and has the greatest reach out of all of the languages spoken within Eurasia! 

Several words in English are derived from Russian origin. Two examples of this interesting fact are the words mammoth and cosmonaut which both originated from Russia! 

Russian describes shades of blue more than any other language! The Russian language describes shades of blue from light shades to dark shades while some languages don’t even differentiate between the colors green or blue. 

Most words don’t begin with the letter A. Words within the Russian language typically don’t begin with the letter A and the ones that do are commonly derived from another language. 

It’s one of the official languages at the United Nations. Russian is used along  with five other languages within the United Nations which are Chinese, Spanish, French, Arabic, and English.

Russian is a beautiful language with lots of history and now you know several unique facts! Introduce your child to this fun language and take a closer look with our collection of books, CDs, and DVDs to help with learning! 

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