Reading To Your Children More in 2018

With the holiday season still in full effect, the New Year is on everyone’s minds now that Christmas has come and gone. Many people make their New Year’s resolutions to better themselves. If you’re a parent of a small child, it’s inevitable to resolve to do better for your children: how about making a resolution to introduce more books into their lives?

According to, “Reading exposes your child to rich language and diverse content.” Toddlers in particular benefit from parents reading to them. Bilingual books for kids can also serve as great learning aids for parents who want to start early in teaching their child a second (or even third!) language. Not only is reading to children going to help them get a head start academically, but this serves as a great bonding time for families and is very enriching.

Browse our variety of French children’s books, Russian baby books, Portuguese kids books and many more beloved children’s stories available in several beautiful languages. Happy holidays and see you in the New Year! 

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