Biliteracy and Children

When it comes to literacy and teaching children any language, many children’s earliest and most cherished memories begin with storytime. Whether it is a nightly tradition or a daily activity, reading gives our children the chance to explore the world through language. Literacy is taught at an early age but what about biliteracy? According to, “When biliteracy is fostered, literacy skills and strategies used in one language transfer to the other - especially when both languages use the same writing system”.

To affirm that children master biliteracy, it’s best to provide them with bilingual books for kids, especially if they’re learning a second language rather than their first language. We believe that books can change a child’s life and parents who introduce their children to books early in life give kids a head-start on their ability to learn in school and increase their potential for life-long success. Shop Russian, Italian, Spanish and other international children’s books via our website.

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