Zoo park , with adhesives (Russian)

Zoo park , with adhesives (Russian)




Using bright colored stickers, you need to complete tasks: find the differences and make the pictures the same. Boys and girls themselves or with the help of their parents must paste in the missing images. You can compose your own picture and come up with a fairy tale for it. Funny, cheerful illustrations will introduce kids to a bear, wolf, bunny and other animals. The children will learn what types of transport they can fly, drive and sail on.
Educational books will be an ideal educational tool for getting to know the world around you and preparing for school. Can be used for playful activities at home, in kindergarten, in the summer, on vacation, on the road, for family leisure. They develop speech and fine motor skills, train attention, memory and logic, and expand their vocabulary.
Ages 2-6; 12 Pages; Paperback (23.5 x 16 cm)



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