Zolw I zajac - The tortoise and the hare (Polish-English)

Zolw I zajac - The tortoise and the hare (Polish-English)





by Angela McAllister (Author), Jonathan Haele (Illustrations)

Polish/English edition of a classic Aesop tale. One day Tortoise overhears Hare boasting, 'I can run so fast I leave the wind behind.' 'What nonsense,' says Tortoise to Hare. 'I'll give you a race.' Hare falls about laughing, but all the same he accepts the challenge. As they set off, Hare bounds down the lane, with Tortoise creeping along behind. Hare obviously has the natural advantage, so he stops for an elevenses of carrots, is overcome by sleepiness and takes a long nap. Soon Tortoise has crept slowly but surely past him and wins the race - just! Aesop's most well-known fable - pitting boastfulness and conceit against sharp wits and doggedness - is simply but delightfully retold by Angela McAllister and is illustrated by Jonathan Heale's stylish woodcuts to create an animal classic.

Ages 3-6; 32 Pages; Hardback


$ 18.45