Vorona y Lisitsa -The Crow and the Fox (Russian)

Vorona y Lisitsa -The Crow and the Fox (Russian)




Ivan A. Krylov
A crow found a slice of cheese and was about to break her fast. A fox came by (the fragrance drew him near) and started to flatter the crow. He said: you are so beautiful, what a pretty eyes you have, what a pretty feather and lovely tail...Being so beautiful, if you know how to sing, among the birds you ought to be a king! Please, sing to me - he pleads.
The bird, commonly known as very wise as any wizard, was overjoyed hearing the praises of the fox, and loudly crowed with all her might. The cheese fell out, of course.....
The fox was quick in taking it ....without remorse.

Krilov ( 1769-1844), a sort of Russian Aesop, wrote fables for children with morals involving animals.
Though this fable was meant to be told aloud, the wonderful illustrations will entice youngsters to read this fable independently.

Ages 4-8; Pages 10; Boardbook


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