Um Dia Chuvoso - One Rainy Day (Portuguese-English)

Um Dia Chuvoso - One Rainy Day (Portuguese-English)





by Valeri Gorbachev
Pig got caught in a big rainstorm, but he managed to find a big tree to stay beneath while waiting for the rain to stop. Why, then, is he running up to Goat’s house all wet? Pig proceeds tells Goat a wild tale of how he was joined under the tree by one mouse, two porcupines, three buffaloes, and so on! Join Pig and Goat as Goat tries to figure out why Pig is all wet, even though he says there was enough room under the tree for everyone. The ending won’t be one you expect! As Pig describes all the animals who seek shelter under the tree, your children will love counting along with him all while learning a new language!
Ages 2-6; 34 Pages; Paperback  (20.32 x 0.2 x 25.4 cm)


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