Till Eulenspiegel , Book+CD (German)

Till Eulenspiegel , Book+CD (German)




by Marion Mohr (Author); Lucia Peruguni (Illustrations)

The books of  this series have a vocabulary of 600/1000 words. They are structured to encourage active reading, with the story on the left-hans page and the activities on the right hand page. In the end of each chapter is After Reading Activities  to ease the comprehension  and a Pre-Reading Activities section to teach the vocabulary and structures of the subsequesnt chapter.  The Test Yourself  section includes activities involving the whole story .

Till Aulenspiegel, is a trickster figure from the  Middle Ages. In stories and fables he is presented as a trickster embodying an implicitly higher consciousness who plays practical jokes on his contemporaries, exposing vices at every turn, greed and folly, hypocrisy and foolishness.  

Ages 6 and up; 64 Pages; Paperback (14.9 x 0.6 x 21.1 cm) + CD


$ 23.95