The Moon Princess (Kodansha's  Children's Classics -English-Japanese)

The Moon Princess (Kodansha's Children's Classics -English-Japanese)





By Ralph F. McCarthy, Koncho Oda 

An old bamboo cutter finds a tiny child in the hollow of a bamboo stalk. Thus begins the beloved story of the Moon Princess, whose unearthly beauty brings her fame and would-be husbands from throughout the land, but whose destiny shines far off in the sky. The delicate color and detail of Kancho Oda's illustrations, painted over half a century ago, create a mood of charm and mystery, admirably accompanied by the lilting verse of writer, translator, and lyricist Ralph F. McCarthy.

Part of Kodansha Bilingual Children's Classics series, which also includes such titles as The Adventure of Momotaro, the Peach Boy; Uroshima and the Kingdom Beneath the Sea, Kintaro the Nature Boy and The Inch-High Samurai, this lovely little picture-book offers a bilingual retelling of a classic Japanese fairy-tale about a moon princess who descends to earth. Sought by many princes, Princess Shining Bright has no desire to wed, and eventually returns - much to the sorrow of her earthly parents - to her lunar home. 

Ages 4-10;      47 pages;     Harcover


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