The crow king (Japanese-English)

The crow king (Japanese-English)





A man sets out on a perilous journey to rescue his beautiful bride from the evil Crow King. But this mere mortal will need to arm himself with unimaginable strength and courage to face the merciless demon.
"The Crow King " is a timeless Korean fable in dual language about the fight between good and evil. This dark tale is a useful text for readers to consider when studying the origins of the folk tale tradition. Stunning artwork by the celebrated artist Han Byng-Ho brings this classic folk tale to life. 
Mantra Lingua's World Tales collection breathes new life into a selection of well-loved tales from around the world. Lively illustrations, delightful rhymes and ingenious twists mean that children and adults alike will love rediscovering these modern adaptations of classic stories. 

Ages 8-12; Paperback



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