Pawel i Gawel (Polish)

Pawel i Gawel (Polish)




By Aleksander Fredro

This is a story about an odd couple, Pawel and Gawel. The book belongs to the most popular children's stories in Poland.

Pawel‚ i Gawel  w jednym stali domu, Pawel na gorze, a Gawel na dole,

Pawel spokojny, nie wadzil nikomu, Gawel najdziksze wymyslal swawole. Ciagle polowal  po swoim pokoju..

Alexander Fredro (20 June 1793 – 15 July 1876) was a Polish poet, playwright and author. His works including plays, prose as well as fables, belong to the canon of Polish Literature.

Ages 4-10; 6 Pages; Hardcover


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