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Panda,  dis mois - Panda Bear who do you see? (French)

Panda, dis mois - Panda Bear who do you see? (French)

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by Bill Martin (Author); Eric Carle (Illustration)

The book features a string of fine feathered (and furry and scaly) friends watching over each other. In this book, however, all the animals are endangered, from a swinging spider monkey to a strutting macaroni penguin (kids will get a kick out of that name!) to a splashing sea lion. Carle's trademark tissue paper collages will be as familiar--and welcome--as the text ("Whooping Crane, Whooping Crane, what do you see?",  "I see a black panther strolling by me.")

Young readers will quickly get the hang of the rhythm and join right in. The book concludes on a hopeful note, with a dreaming child seeing the ten featured animals "all wild and free--/ that's what I see!" Martin includes a note on endangered species that may spark concern and interest in older readers--our hope for these disappearing creatures.

Ages 3-7; 40 Pages; Paperback

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