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Ours blanc, dis-moi ce que tu entends?  (French)

Ours blanc, dis-moi ce que tu entends? (French)

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by Bill Martin and Eric Carle (Authors); L. Bourguignon (Translation)

In a logical sensory follow-up to Martin's and Carle's wildly successful Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? (Holt, 1983), this dynamic duo now offers sounds. The polar bear hears a lion roaring, who hears a hippopotamus snorting, who hears a flamingo fluting (!), who hears a zebra braying, and so on through a varied list of animals. At last the zookeeper announces that he hears children roaring, snorting, fluting, etc. While the format is very similar to the previous book, Carle's trademark collages have never been more beautiful. Huge animals fill the double-page spreads, glowing with light-filled colors, sans superflouous background. Teachers will smile with delight when they see this wonderful book, and students are sure to utter the familiar request, "Have you got another one like this one?";

Ages 2-7; ;28 Pages; Board Book

Tags: 6 Ages 1 - 4 , Ages 5 - 8 , Boardbook , Books , Eric Carle , French , languages

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