Oso en un Cuadrado (Spanish)

Oso en un Cuadrado (Spanish)




by Stella Blackstone

This very simple title teaches shapes and counting. However, since the illustrations are clear and realistic and the colors are true, it could be used for color and object identification as well. Starting with a double-page spread of a building with three square windows and a door, the text asks readers to find the bear in the square. A strip on the side gives a clue as to which window is the correct one. The text on the next page asks children to find the two hearts in the queen's hair, and the right-hand strip shows the shape to search for. The book continues through 10 stars in the dark. The shapes include simple ovals and stars but also zigzags, triangles, and crescents. Specific numbers are not mentioned, but youngsters will realize that the quantities of objects are increasing. Some of the illustrations are whimsical such as moons in a cave but others are realistic with balls in a swimming pool and rectangles in a classroom. Therefore, the presentation also offers opportunities to talk about realism versus fantasy. An engaging, brightly colored matching game for storytimes or for teaching concepts.

Ages 1-5; 24 Pages; Paperback


$ 9.95