O Marido de mae-d'agua. A princesa e o gigante (Portuguese)

O Marido de mae-d'agua. A princesa e o gigante (Portuguese)




by Luis da Camara Cascudo (Author): Claudia Schatamacchia (Illustration)

Two stories rescued by Câmara Cascudo from rich Brazilian oral literature.
In the first story "The Husband of the Mother of Water", the reader is confronted with the difficulty of the human being to perceive the need of other human being.
In the second story the reader is faced with persistence and solidarity overcoming difficulties. The boy, the brother of three disappeared girls, seeing the sadness of his parents, goes around the world in search of his sisters. He finds them, overcoming giants, breaking charms, allowing many people to find peace again and, of course, conquering their love.
The illustrator Cláudia Scatamacchia, through her traces that hide  
other traces,  helps us to enter, during the reading, into the magical atmosphere of the stories, 

Ages 6 and up; Pages 16; Paperback


$ 9.95