New Aesop Fables for Children Volumes 1-5 (Chinese-English)

New Aesop Fables for Children Volumes 1-5 (Chinese-English)





by Robert William Long (Author); Rong Zhang (Translation)
These five fables which have been translated from the original text of "New Aesop Fables for Children Volumes 1-10, will, we believe, appeal to Chinese parents with young children for bedtime stories because they can teach their children the wisdom they need in their life. It is also a valuable book to help the children to develop their bilingual skills in both English and Chinese while enjoying these interesting stories. "Taking it a Step Further - Moral prompts" provides questions for readers to think about further. We suggest that parents have discussions with their children to help them think more creatively. Learners of Chinese of can also practice speaking through retelling of these fables. We sincerely hope that you will have a fruitful and relaxing experience with our book.
Ages 4-12; 220 Pages; (216  x 279 x 12mm)


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