My First Portuguese Animal Book (Portuguese-English)

My First Portuguese Animal Book (Portuguese-English)





by Anna Young
Teach your child Portuguese with the help of this Portuguese Children’s Book. This Portuguese picture book contains interesting and fun poems about animals. This Portuguese Book for Kids is designed to appeal to young children with concepts that they can understand.

This Animal Children's Book has 40 colorful pages that contain:
  • Easy to understand words in your first Portuguese Book
  • Colorful and impressive pictures
  • Cute and funny rhymes
Let your children get immersed in animals with this creative poem book with pictures!
Portuguese Poems about Animals is bound to have your children smiling and having fun with cute and funny rhymes that help improve their memory! Toddlers love poems, and are always curious about new things. Portuguese Poems About Animals will have your children reading and focused away from phones and TV with very beautiful illustrations in 40 colorful pages!

Ages 2-6; 40 Pages; Paperback (8.25 x 0.1 x 8.25 inch)



$ 15.45