Minutka: The Bilingual Dog and Friends (Polish-English)

Minutka: The Bilingual Dog and Friends (Polish-English)





by Anna Mycek-Wodecki
Join Minutka as she plays with animal friends in her neighbourhood – Butterfly, Mother Goose, Raccoon, Frog, Coco the Cow and lots of other dogs! Minutka also dances in the rain, plays the Loch Ness Monster, and takes a ride in the car! All the while she delights in being bilingual. Minutka the Bilingual Dog and Friends features Anna Mycek-Wodecki’s highly-praised simple, witty text and expressive, engaging illustrations in another Minutka book that entertains and inspires!
  "...charmingly expressive illustrations add an abundance of humour and capture the pleasure of being bilingual… this book is a gem – twenty-four spreads of such originality, all demonstrating a real love of life"  Carousel

 "...a special treat for children who grow up in bilingual families" The School Librarian

 "Minutka dances about...celebrating a life lived in two languages"  Publishers Weekly 

Ages 0-5; 48 Pages; Hardcover (245x250mm)


$ 11.45