Lulu la Tortue (English)

Lulu la Tortue (English)




by Antoon Krings

Every morning, Lulu the turtle goes to the kitchen garden. Lulu the turtle always starts by greeting her old friend, Mr. Pumpkin, the scarecrow who has long been no longer afraid of anyone. Everything is happening most peacefully except some jealousy between tomato and lettuce for example. Finally, it was so until the day Lulu the turtle made a terrible nightmare. Mr. Pumpkin has fun to sow discord in
his garden. And what amazement the next day when she finds all the ransacked vegetables and Mr. Pumpkin has disappeared Angry, Lulu the turtle launches in pursuit. But is Mr. Pumpkin really responsible for this disaster?

Ages 2-6; 28 Pages; Hardcover


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