L'Ours au Soleil - Bear in Sunshine (French-English)

 L'Ours au Soleil - Bear in Sunshine (French-English)





by Stella Blackstone (Author); Debbie Harter (Illustrations)

The bear explores a wide range of seasonal activities, introducing toddlers and preschoolers to various types of weather--rain, wind, ice, and snow. Illustrations. Each two-page spread shows Bear adjusting to whatever the weather is like outside. He plays in the sunshine, yet he's equally happy singing in the rain. He flies his kite when the wind blows and pulls out his skates when it's icy. A storm drives him under the covers, but he is out making snow bears as the flakes fly. The very simple text, two lines on each spread, is illustrated by delightful pictures that don't overwhelm but joyously bring Bear to life. The hallmarks of the art are the vibrant colors, the interesting perspectives, and the fun (Bear swinging on a lamppost, aping Gene Kelly in;Singing in the Rain). Preschoolers may not catch that reference, but that doesn't dilute the exuberance of the image. Keep one of these on hand for toddler story hours. The text is just the right length, and the book has a sunny feeling no matter what the weather.

Ages 2-6; 24 Pages; Board Book


$ 8.95