Les musiciens  de Breme  (French)

Les musiciens de Breme (French)




by Anne Royer
"Il etait une fois un ne qui, après avoir beaucoup travaillÉ tout au long de sa vie, se trouva bien e Comme son maÎtre menaÇait de le tuer car il eteit devenu inutile, il s'enfuit dans l'espoir de devenir musicien dans la ville de Breme. En chemin, il rencontra un chien qui semblait ÉpuisÉ d'avoir trop couru, À qui il proposa de l accompagner..."
"There was once a donkey who, having worked hard throughout his life, found himself very tired. Like his master threatened to kill him because he had become useless, he fled in the hope of become a musician in the city of Bremen. Along the way, he met a dog who seemed exhausted from running too much, to whom he proposed to accompany the ...
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Ages 4-8; 12 Pages; Paperback


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