le Joueur de Flute de Hamelin-minocontes  (French)

le Joueur de Flute de Hamelin-minocontes (French)




by Anne Royer
Too many children today do not know the classic tales. These tales, however, help them grow, enrich the imagination of miles and creatures, fairies, princesses and dragons and bring to life a body full of humor where the wicked are punished and the smaller rewarded. Stories that make you want to learn to read and later to tell, send the story to her children! To facilitate access to this great wealth of children's literature, this is a cheap collection, beautifully illustrated with stories and especially texts, suitable for children, who have kept the impertinence so special, the atmosphere and turns of fairy tales ...
Ages 4-10; 12 Pages; Paperback


$ 9.45