La colomba e la formica, Book+ CD (Italian)

La colomba e la formica, Book+ CD (Italian)




This tale is one of six book collection of tales loosely based on the fables by Aesop, Fedro, and LaFontaine to engage young students of Italian.; There's time for work and time for fun: This is the moral of this ancient and well-known fable, retold in a modern-day context. Learn from your own mistakes and work together: these are two basic and fundamental concepts for growing children and for everyone. Fold out pages, and colorful, lively illustrations capture the readers attention, encouraging them to follow the text. Illustrated vocabulary, thematic activities and games stimulate reading and memorization. Topics covered: Verbs of routine, verbs of free time, the weather.
Ages 5-12; 24 Pages; Paperback + CD (15 mins.)


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