Ksiega dzungli - Lektura z opracowaniem -Jungle book (Polish)

Ksiega dzungli - Lektura z opracowaniem -Jungle book (Polish)




by Rodyad Kipling

This fascinating story happened in the Indian jungle. Her hero is Mowgli - a little boy embraced and raised by a wolf family. Mowgli grows up among wild animals, and his new home becomes the jungle. The Baloo bear teaches him animal speech and acquasites the age-old laws governing the jungle, the black panther Bagheer always offers advice... The help of friends will prove extremely valuable in the fight against the deadly enemy - the tiger Shere Khan. Adolescent Mowgli must make an important decision: whether he wants to belong to a wolf or a human tribe.

Ages 5-12; 176 Pages; Paperback


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