Hannas Tagebuch, Book + CD (German)

Hannas Tagebuch, Book + CD (German)




by Mary Flagan (Author); Laura Ferracioli (Illustrations)
Holidays at last! No more school! But the holiday in the country to spend? Out of question for Hanna. But then she changes her mind. For there is Florian and everything will be different...
Books of  this series have a vocabulary of 800 words. They are structured to encourage active reading, with the story on the left-hans page and the activities on the right hand page.  In the end of each chapter is After Reading Activities  to ease the comprehension  and a Pre-Reading Activities section to teach the vocabulary and structures of the subsequent chapter.  The Test Yourself  section includes activities involving the whole story.
Ages 6 and up; 64 Pages; Paperback + CD


$ 16.95