Gon, The Little Fox (English)

Gon, The Little Fox (English)





by Nankichi Niimi (Author); Genjirou Mita (Illustrations)

Winner of 2016 USSB Outstanding International Book
A popular modern folktale by a beloved Japanese author is retold in English . . . Mita’s softly textured watercolor illustrations are reminiscent of traditional Japanese artwork. In this retelling of Nankichi Niimi’s masterpiece, delicate watercolors bring to life the mischievous yet kind-hearted spirit of Gon, the Little Fox.  Like many Japanese folktales, Gon, The Little Fox does not exactly end happily; a circumstance which will inspire lively and provocative conversation among young readers.

When readers first meet Gon, he is relishing his life as a rascally fox. Each day brings a new opportunity for him to stir up trouble in Nakayama. One day, however, he feels remorse for having killed an eel that was meant for the poor villager Hyoju’s dying mother. Ironically, it is this rare moment of conscience that leads Gon down a path that leads to his fate.

"A beloved story of Japan, Gon, The Little Fox, is a beautifully illustrated book with a definite Japanese touch . . . . The tale provides parents an opportunity to discuss with their child issues of sadness and loss, among others. 

As with all great folktales, the world of Gon, The Little Fox is both extremely familiar and extremely mysterious. This quality, as evident in both the text and illustrations, will greatly appeal to readers, both young and old. 

Ages 4-8; 36 Pages; Hardcover



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