Fun Facts for Kids: The way we do it in Japan (English)

Fun Facts for Kids: The way we do it in Japan (English)





by Geneve Cobb Iijima (Author); Page Billin Frye (Illustrations)
Gregory and his family are moving to Japan for his dad's job. After the long flight, they arrive at their new apartment. Gregory is surprised to find lots of things that are different: but  "That's the way we do it in Japan" is the answer to many of his questions. He learns about the language, the food, the money, the furniture, the baths and more. It is in his new school that he finds himself most uncomfortable. When the other kids bring him peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, however, he finally feels welcome. The rather didactic story is enlivened by clear, somewhat humorous painted and colored pencil drawings. The focus is on the humans, but there are enough details to make a base for the lessons. If only all such transitions to a new country went as well! Notes and pronunciation keys are included.

"This book is wonderful! As a teacher of American students in Japan, I read this book so my students can learn about the cultural differences in a positive way. I found this book to be a very accurate source of information for kindergarten age children.eys are included."
Ages 4-9; 32 Pages ; Paperback


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