First 1000 Words in Spanish (Spanish-English)

First 1000 Words in Spanish (Spanish-English)





by Heather Amery

Tired of boring and bland spanish tools? This book is bursting with vivid, whimsical, illustrations depicting everyday life with humor and clarity that will attract even beginning adult students. The apealing story type pictures not only define spanish words, but they also promote spanish interaction between reader and child or student with student. On "la cocina" page, a father washes dises amidst a swirling pandemonium of dropping dishes, spilt juice, and a todler with a pot on his head. A teacher or parent could easily springboard off of this illustration to begin to form whole sentences based on the action in the picture. This intriguing book is sure to be a winner with you and children alike. An excellent first vocabulary book featuring amusing full-color illustrations. Includes a pronunciation guide and a Spanish/English dictionary.

Ages 4 and up; 64 Pages; Hardcover (9.25 x 0.75 x 12.25 inch)


$ 17.95